about me

I recently completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Queen’s University under the supervision of David Bakhurst. My philosophical interests center at the intersection of epistemology, philosophy of mind, and practical philosophy. In my dissertation, I argue that perceptual experience can intelligibly justify belief only if it is conceived as an activity performed by a material being.

My current research is focused on the role of a capacity to keep track of objects in perception. Alongside other related-issues in the philosophy of perception, I am also pursuing work on the metaphysics on mass terms, with a specific interest in identity relations between objects and non-count substances. For more information about my past and current research, as well as my research statement, please see the research section of this website.

Since January 2013, I have been teaching courses at the Community Colleges of Chicago, both at Harold Washington College, and at Malcolm X College. For more information, as well as related materials, please see the teaching section of this website.


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curriculum vitae (abstracted)

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